Saturday, December 5, 2009


It snowed last night here in Alabama! We got a pretty good dusting too, enough to last well into this morning. Steve and I went out in it last night since it was his first time seeing real snow fall from the sky. Being from CA about the only "snow" we see "fall" is the stuff from the snow machine at the ski resort. And even that is really more like ice chips... Anywho I took some pictures and braved the snowy yard to take a picture of our house this morning. I hadn't taken any pictures of the house yet so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take some while it's all dusty white! I also finally got around to uploading the photos of our couch, and the Christmas decorations that I made! That's what I've been up to this week instead of blogging. Sorry. :-(
Steve calls these the "balls of jolly." Lol. I used 6 inch styrofoam balls and silk pointsettias and cut the stems off and glued them on with hot glue. Then I glued the leaves from the pointsettias in the empty spaces between the flowers and strung them all together with pretty ribbon!
I bought this plain wreath and glued Christmas pretties all over it. It's hanging on the front door but on the inside of the house because if I hang it on the outside our storm door smashes it and won't close. :-(
Here is our new couch and coffee table! Love it!

Snow Pansies!

Oh mushyyyy eeeeew!
Really cold...
The trees behind our house all covered in snow!

The berry bush next to our house.

Our little house all covered in snow! It looks charming! ;-)

Steve and I are going to go find a Christmas tree today! Happy weekend everyone!
<3 Hilabee


  1. Hil,

    The picture of you two kissing is really cute and made me tear up. (I miss you.~sniff~sniff!) Your house is adorable and the snow is beautiful.

    PS. Call your mom. :-P

  2. awww I love it!! I wish i could see snow fall :(. I love the decorations and new couch! the house it coming around quite nicely in the short time u've been there! and quick question....are you guys in robes in the pictures of you outside? just curious :) Love u guys!!

  3. Gillian says she's jealous because you have snow!

  4. Your house is sooo super cute! I love it!! When are we going to have our first half way point rendezvous??

  5. your house is very cute!!!