Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Dog Park

I just noticed I haven't posted since we got our French Bulldog puppy, "Daly," last weekend! He is just the sweetest boy! Potty training has been a handful though! He's... stealthy. Lol. He has been my constant companion coming to work with me almost every day. He loves to meet people and is very submissive to people. He is still learning proper greetings around other dogs though. He becomes very dominant and alpha-dog unless corrected. We took him to the dog park today so he could practice meeting other dogs and perhaps get some exercise. He did surprisingly well! We kept him on leash for the first 10 minutes or so since he was a little nervous and it was his first time around so many other dogs. Eventually we felt comfortable letting him loose once he saw how much fun the other dogs were having! Soon after he was running full speed ahead (which isn't nearly as fast as the other dogs with his stocky build, lol) chasing other dogs, being chased, and playing with frisbees and tennis balls! Needless to say he's been sleeping the rest of the day, in fact he fell asleep in the car on the way home. I forgot the camera so we didn't get any pictures.:-( Once Daly started to play with the other dogs, Steve and I looked at eachother and both said at the same time, "we should have brought the camera!"
The dog park we took him to was really nice too. It has two huge separate fenced-in areas for small and large dogs. There are trees, grass, and sandy areas for dogs that like to dig! There is also a small agility course.
I can't wait to take him again on the next nice day we get!

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