Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello again! Steve and I stopped to stay tonite in Odessa, TX. We made it over 500 miles again today. So far the trip is easy going. We've been blessed with beautiful weather both days. There are alot of oil pumps out here and they are right next to the highway. They have a smell unlike anything I've ever smelled before- it's like a cross between something burning and an earthy yet chemical smell. After a while it was starting to make my nose burn, like when you clean the bathroom and use to much bleach. Lol. I also saw a large male deer (buck) grazing about 5 feet off the side of the road today, which was odd because it was in broad daylight. My dad said it's mating season for deer roghtnow and it's got them roaming and acting strangely. Anywho, off to bed now, good nite!

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