Saturday, November 14, 2009

We made it!

Hooray! We made it into Birmingham last night. We checked into a temporary living facility where they charge by the week instead of by the night like a hotel. It's a quaint little studio with a bed and a kitchenette and a bathroom, enough to get us though until we find a place to live. We searched online for the better part of the day today for houses to rent, and came across a few that looked promising. There are definitely some cute houses out here!
The remainder of our drive here was uneventful, by the last day I was so tired of driving I could hardly see straight. 4 days of driving 10 hours really wears on you. Alabama is definitely alot different than California. I think the food is the main thing, there is tons of butter and grease and frying used in alot (scratch that, ALL) of the food out here, and my stomach is just not used to it. I can't wait until we get into our home so I can start cooking again.
On another note, there are tons of beautiful trees out here, and they are everywhere!
Once we got into the eastern-most area of Texas there started to be less and less desert and more and more forest. There are also alot of rivers and lakes in the area, and there's this really clean and fresh feeling in the air. :-)
After Odessa, TX we stayed in a little town called Minden in Louisiana. Yesterday, our last day of driving, we left Minden and drove over the Mississippi river and through Mississipi. (I snapped a picture as I drove over the Missisippi, see my Facebook!)Once we crossed into Alabama it was only another 3 hours or so into Birmingham.
I saw a dead armadillo on the side of the road yesterday. Interesting looking little creature. I had no idea they existed out here!
I'm going to go relax with my hubby now, we've got a date with some wine and a goofy movie!
Ttyl y'all,
Hilabee ;-)

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