Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh The Thunder and Rain

We had a thunderstorm this afternoon. I love thunderstorms! I could also see flashes of lightning while I was sitting in the living room so I opened the front door and just watched and listened to the down pour through the storm door. I only had the radio on in the house so I turned it real low. I watched the way the rain drops make circles in the puddles they land in. And how pretty it looks when the water drips off the bare trees. And I listened to the thunder and thought how maybe it's God's stomach growling... And I thought about how the lightning reminds me of a camera flash. I just took a deep breath and stopped to enjoy it. Usually I just curse the rain and hope it stops soon. But today, it felt refreshing, and I knew it was watering the trees, and who doesn't like trees? Anyway, I'd encourage you to stop and enjoy it next time it rains. And wear your golashes if you have to go anywhere!
<3 Hilabee

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  1. I hear ya! I love to sit inside and watch the lightening and listen to the thunder. It's been storming here in California too. And another storm is headed in tonight...

    I'll enjoy it while sitting by the fire and I'll think of Gods stomach growling. ;)