Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh yes, it's coming. Dont even know which teams are going yet, but I'm looking forward to it. (I'm secretly wishing it will be the Chargers and the Saints, since my Packers blew it in OT last weekend.)
Last night I suggested to Steve that we have Super Bowl at our house, and have the guys from his office over with their repective spouses/significant others/children. He agreed it was a good idea.
Thinking it would be fun to have people over, now today I'm realizing what this Super Bowl party could entail. Now, since I would like to invite all these people into our home, I figure I also have to feed and entertain them, I guesssssss... ;-) But I've never entertained except for helping my mom and stepmom from time to time. Heck, I own one platter. Now that I'm thinking about it, if everyone comes, it could include as many as 15-20 people. Now I'm thinking, "what are people going to eat off of?" [We're going to have to be paper-platin' it, which I figure is ok for an afternoon of football-watching] Then, "what am I going to serve?" [Could do pizza and wings, but that's liable to get very expensive very quickly not to mention a little dicey with Super Bowl Sunday being one of the highest grossing days for the pizza industry. (I worked pizza for a couple years...)] So, I could throw together a shmorgasport (sp? lol) of food and hope it turns out yummy, but then I thought, "what am I going to serve all this food on?" [Hence, the realization that I own one platter.] So, If I do end up serving home-made food, I'll probably have to invest in a couple more serving dishes. (Darn!)

Anyone have good ideas for yummy football food that is easy to prepare and can feed alot of people?

More blog posts to come, I promise! :-)

<3 Hilabee


  1. you can do mini smokies wrapped in a strip of bacon held together with a toothpick thru the sausage with brown sugar sprikled across the top and broiled in the oven... or melted velveta cheese with ground sausage and salsa in it served with a bowl of tostitos... orrr you do mushrooms with the stem pulled out stuffed with provel cheese and ground sausage their all big hits here and in the lou

  2. We like to have nacho tacos when watching sports events. It is so simple - make up taco meat ( put in your crockpot - easy to serve from and stays warm), cut up lettuce, tomatoes, have shredded cheese, liquid cheese( cans of cheese can be found in the soup aisle and they are cheaper than the jars - I have a mini crockpot I put that in to keep it warm), black olives, and torilla chips.
    My family puts chips on a plate (paper is fine as long as it is heavy duty or use stiro), then top with meat, cheese and so on.
    Quick easy and we love it. Have fun!
    Make brownies for dessert

  3. That sounds yummy! I love mexican/tex-mex. :-)

  4. What did you end up doing?