Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The beginning!

Hello all!
I've put together this blog (in just one evening, surprisingly) to keep friends, family, and anyone else who would care to tag along on this adventure informed and in-the-loop. I felt it was necessary to create a centralized information source to prevent myself and Steve (my fabulous fiancé !) from being burnt out on phone calls and text messages. I have to admit I felt more than a little overwhelmed the past few days with congratualtory phone calls and texts!
For those just "tuning in," Steve proposed this past weekend and I of course said yes! We are very excited for what lies ahead of us, as we also received news that he is being sent to Alabama for Marine Corps recruiting for 3 years starting in December. Steve has also just picked up a promotion to Staff Sergeant (SSgt). I'm so very proud if him- he works his buns off!
As of now, we have not decided where or more importantly when to get married.
So begins my journey to becoming a proud Marine Corps wife, and to beginning a new life in Alabama...
Here's a link to the City of Birmingham, Alabama, where we'll be moving to (rather to the suburbs of Birmingham, anyway):
I plan on posting every day or two, so please check back often for all the latest and greatest!

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