Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mmmmm Leftoverrrrs....

I'm sitting here enjoying my dinner, which happens to be leftovers from last night: chicken, rice and veggies in Thai Yellow Curry from Trader Joes. The curry comes in a bottle for $2 and change and is delicious! But if you try it, beware, it packs a little heat!

Moving on, I finished off last night's blog with Heather and Brock's "stock the bar" party, So I think I will continue with that and share some pictures! Hooray!

First off, I was sad because Steve couldn't be there. Haha, I didn't look like this the whole time, someone just took this candid shot and I happened to look very blue. :-)

This is Wendy and her hubby, Nick. They just got married about 3 weeks ago. Tis the season! (That's Brock walking by in the background.) Wendy is the little sister of a friend of Heather's and mine, Jenny, who is married to Nate. Nate is also in the Marine Corps, and is currently stationed in Virginia, which is why Jenny wasn't there. By the way, Jenny and Nate are currently expecting their first baby!

This is Nate, Jenny's husband. Even though he's stationed in Virginia, he was able to make it because he's currently doing some training out at the 29 Palms Marine Corps Base. Now, I'm sure you're wondering why I would post this picture when he had his eyes closed, but I thought posting it would help me provide an explanation for THIS picture:
After seeing the first picture we took, I told him to make sure his eyes were OPEN for the next one. And this is what happened. Sorry! ;-)
Here's me and Heather, our beautiful bride-to-be! She became our little Diva when we busted out some Beatles Rockband!

Beatles Rockband! woot woot! We rocked tha house. Seriously. Heather's mom even sang with us for a while. And we only got booed off the stage once!

This is Jackie (or Jax), another of Heather's bridesmaids, and Hawk, a friend from highschool (whom I hadn't seen in forever!).

This is Steven, frowning. Brock, Steven, and I all went to elementary school together. Steven is one of Brock's groomsmen. And of course Nate, always sneaking into the background and stealing the picture! And now, the highlight of the night, ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please....TA DAAAAAA! Haha I fell asleep on the couch! I am SUCH the party animal! Hey, I did get up at 6AM, worked all day (with no lunch I might add...), went home and changed, drove the hour and 15 minutes up to the party, helped Heather set up, and managed to stay awake until about 1 am! At least I have nice friends, no one drew anything on my face!

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