Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Congratulations to Heather and Brock!

Oh man it's been almost a week since my last post?!?! Sorry for the slacking, I'll try to keep up better. :-(
Here's some pictures from Heather and Brock's wedding on October 10th! Congratulations you guys on your marriage and your wonderful wedding!

Me and my honey! <3>

Heather's last night as a free woman! Leah and Larry opened their cabin to the bridal party for the weekend. Thank you thank you thank you!

Let me just say, this has to be one of the most beautiful pictures ever taken! Heather looks so happy, not to mention the *perfect* lighting makes her look like an angel!

Saying their "I do's," they had a sand ceremony and exchanged rings in a short but sweet ceremony overlooking Lake Arrowhead.

Heather's bridal party from left to right: Jenny, Me, Brock's younger sister Brenna, Jax, Leah, Jr. bridesmaid Maddie, and Matron of Honor Heather's older sister Melissa, sort of cut off... sorry. :-(

Brock's guys from left to right: Best Man Steven, Heather's brother Adam, Brock's brothers Bram, Brian, and Beau, and Ameer.


Adam and Leah.

Jax and Bram.

Me and Beau.

Jenny and Ameer.


Jenny took over as bartender, the bartender was only hired for a couple hours.

Cutting the cake... they were very nice. No cake smashing on the face, just a little finger of frosting on the nose.

Heather and Jenny.

Yup we done it. Converse under our dresses at the reception! And thank goodness! SOOOOO much more comfortable!

Jenny and her hubby Nate. Expecting baby #1!

Joelle caught the bouquet!

Blowing kisses!


Oh man who had to go and ruin this perfectly good picture of Jenny?!?! I'll never tell... ;-)
Me and Jenny. :-)
I hope you all enjoyed the photos. Thank you Jenny for these pictures, as I was too lame to remember to bring my own camera to the occasion. Doh!


  1. HOW COULD YOU FORGET YOUR STINKIN' CAMERA??? What a skeez! You look beautiful though! And I love that picture of Heather and Brock walking, he looks so happy! I can't believe they are married... for that matter I can't believe YOU are getting married! Strange but all so exciting! Love you Hil-a-bee!

  2. Beautiful wedding!!

    Hilary, the picture of me is not ruined. SOMEONE'S foot is just pointing to the baby! lol

  3. Hil-a-bee,
    I know this post was done over a year ago (Crazy!!) but I just wanted to say thank you again for being involved in such a great time of my life. It was so much funning planning, partying, and celebrating with you (as it always is..) and the cherry on top was looking behind me and seeing all my girls there during the ceremony showing their support. It was truly a magical day and i'm so glad you were able to share in it with Brock and I. Can't wait until you get back on the west coast again! love u girly! :)