Friday, October 16, 2009

Yard Sale Weekend!

Hooray! It's always feels so cleansing getting rid of stuff you haven't used in months. I'll be hauling about 5 boxes of stuff up to my mom's house so we can have a big yard sale and get rid of some extra stuff so A) my parents' garage is not so full (I still have alot of stuff in there, but I'm getting rid of the majority of it!), and B) so I don't have to move stuff I don't need across the country. I'll be putting out some great stuff:
Calphalon toaster oven from college
10 galllon aquarium with lighted hood & some set up
25 gallon reptarium with locking screened lid and set up for a turtle
Hamster habitat
Costume jewelry
A few small lamps
A bed-in-a-bag (Full)
2 rugs
2 sheet sets (Full)
Laptop bag
A blanket
*Possibly* my snow board. I'm not sure that I want to part with it. :-(
Plus more of my family's stuff!
Woooo I cant wait to get up SUPER early hahaha!

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