Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Update

Hello everyone!
I thought I'd take the time today to give everyone more updated information about me and Steve: about our engagement as well as our upcoming move to Alabam-y!

The Move:
Steve and I will be moving together to Alabama probably sometime mid-week during the second week of November (the week of Veteran's Day). We wanted to allow ourselves plenty of time to get into a place and get settled before he has to report for his first day as a Marine Corps Recruiter on November 30th. We are going to need to buy some furniture and get all of our stuff unpacked! I'm sad to be leaving so soon, but I'm also very excited for us to be starting a life together. I couldn't be happier. :-)

The Engagement:
Steve and I will be having a Justice of the Peace wedding before we move to Alabama. We are also planning to have a real wedding back in California in a year or so (perhaps on our anniversary) for everyone to celebrate with us.

Our decision for me to leave with him now is based on a few reasons and our options (or lack of, I guess) for our wedding.
1. We both agreed that we want to come back to California to have our wedding. While we discussed the option of me staying here for a few extra months to plan the wedding, he won't have an opportunity to take leave from recruiting any time in the next few months to come back to CA and go on a honeymoon. When it comes down to it, I just didn't want to be away from Steve for any extended period of time staying behind to plan the wedding.

2. It would have been near impossible, not to mention stressful, to throw together a wedding in such a short amount of time. I don't want to have a wedding that seems "thrown together" and would rather take the time to plan it exactly how we would like it. Now I realize it's going to be difficult to plan a wedding from across the country, but we've discussed choosing a venue before we move, and I have already had several offers for help with planning out here in CA.

In order to give us plenty of time to prepare for our move, I have already turned in my notice at my job, and my last day there will be OCtober 20th. Steve's graduation from recruiter's course is on the 22nd, and then we'll be flying out to visit my family in Wisconsin for a week on October 26th. After that it will be pack, get married, move! Yippee!

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